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Why Negative Reviews are Good for Contractors

Service company / contractor marketing can be tricky. When it comes to contractor and service company work, there is no such thing as 100% customer satisfaction. If you are selling a product a customer can touch, feel and try before purchase, it is possible for all customers to be delighted 100% of the time. When you are selling customers a vision of what will be, which is what all service companies and contractors are doing, there is ALWAYS room for misunderstanding and missed expectations. There will ALWAYS be customers that are not completely happy. So, what do you do with bad reviews?

  • Accept that you will have some bad reviews
  • Understand bad reviews actually help prospects evaluate you accurately
  • Make sure you also solicit and get good reviews to counter balance the bad ones
  • If you have trouble getting reviews consider using a contractor marketing service
  • Respond to bad reviews by trying to make the situation right if you can
  • Write a response to the bad review on the review site
    • Thank them for input
    • Affirm them as individuals with valid feelings
    • Explain the situation without being accusing
    • Let them know you are sorry they are not completely happy
    • Let them know they are good people
    • Let them know you always strive for good communications and happy customers
    • If appropriate, explain changes you are making to avoid such mistakes in the future
  • Use the information they provide to help you improve your business
  • Finally, understand that customers trust review sets where some reviews are bad; they are more 'real'
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