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internet marketing is not my wheelhouse
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Unique Among Seattle Internet Marketing Companies

Inside Edge is a Seattle Internet marketing company that is unique among regional marketing companies. We focus exclusively on regional service companies, companies that used to be the core of the yellow pages business. These are companies that are infrequently used by consumers and largely unknown to consumers until they find themselves needing the service. Connecting with potential clients is a major challenge for these companies.

These are companies like plumbers, roofers, electricians, and landscapers. It is also companies like divorce lawyers, financial advisers, and wealth managers. All these companies are marketing trust, reputation, and skills to an audience that does not initially know who they are.

A Specialist at Marketing Regional Consumer Service Companies

With most people searching for a solution using the Internet, it is critical that these companies make full use of the Internet to reach and convert prospects. This is a unique challenge served best by a Seattle Internet marketing company that knows the local market and specializes in both reach (to prospects) and trust building (on the web site and on review sites).

If you are a Seattle contractor marketing to consumers, you need a specialist that is dedicated to doing this. You need Inside Edge.

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